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Email change without my authorisation

Email change without my authorisation

Just a few hours ago I received an email informing me that my email has been changed even though I didn't authorise the change. I had to make a new account just to post here. Is there a security issue? Shouldn't I have been asked for this change beforehand?Hope support team resolves this issue as soon as possible. 

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Hi @Sats, thanks for coming to the Spotify Community.

If you have any doubts that someone else may have changed your account details, please check out the FAQ page ”Someone else has gained access to my account” here for the next steps to take.


Ι have already filled the form and just wait for a reply... Hope someone will look into it soon.

Thanks for the reply



I think a good think to also do is to reset your password on your old account, go here to log out of all devices (if someone go it), and then change your email back to the original it the manage your account section.


Hope this helps 🙂

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