Error en Plan familia


Error en Plan familia


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solicito to su colaboración con lo siguiente. En días pasados mi cuenta familiar se venció ya que mi tarjeta de crédito no tenia saldo. Ayer ya realicé abono a dicha tarjeta, pero hoy voy a acceder de nuevo a mi plan familiar y no me deja.


Que debo hacer ??

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Re: Error en Plan familia


Hey @cobemazu, welcome to the community!


I hope you don't mind me replying in English.


When a payment fails to go through, you should receive an email notification with a date when the account will go back to Free. If you added the required funds to your card before the account went back to Free, the system should try to process the payment again after a few days.


In case you couldn't do this on time and the account went back to Free, you just need to resubscribe here. You'll need to invite all your family members again to continue where you left of.


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