Friends can't see my playlists

Friends can't see my playlists



I have created playlists & YES I've chosen to publish them. When my sister looks at my account she can't see any of my playlists, but she can see my boyfriend's playlists, and he's done the exact same thing as me. When she looks at my account she can only "send me one of her favorite tracks" and no matter where she clicks she can't seem to get past that.


I've seen that people with similar problems have 2 accounts which are not linked, but I have connected my facebook account with my spotify account already. I have premium and everything looks just fine when I check the preferences.


Help please!

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Hey! Welcome to the community 🙂 


Is your Spotify username "tess559"? 

If so, I just loaded your public profile and I can see 5 public playlists including the one in your screenshot. 


Sometimes it can take the client a little bit of time to note changes on profiles, since they are stored inside the client temporarily. If your sister really wants to be able to see them asap, a clean reinstallation will force a refresh (although try a quick log out and in again, sometimes that can trigger it!)



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