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Hacked account

Hacked account

So I've had spotify since quite a while, but since about 6 months back, somebody/somebot has been able to take over my account. 


I have no clue how, since I login via my facebook account, but theres always somebody who finds a way I suppose...


Anyway, this somebody has been playing music that i'm not interested in, and every time I logged in, I found new artists under "recently played" that I have no clue about. 


About two months ago, some playlists started dissapearing, and yesterday every single playlist I had was gone, and substituted with one called 'iPad'. 


Another problem was the fact that unknown advices was used to play my music. 

(When playing a song, the option "other devices available"  appears, and automatically switches to that device). I have no clue what device that is, and it's playing while I'm driving  on the highway and no other cars nearby..


I hope this helps. I have just unsubscribed from Spotify, but hope there will be an answer for someboy elese out there who reads this post. 



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