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Hacker left a playlist with a polite message

Hacker left a playlist with a polite message

So I just found a new playlist which I haven't created myself. "DontDeletePlease" and attached is a polite personal message.


First, my account must have been hacked.

Second, how is this personalised message attached to the playlist? Didn't know you could write a description (I'm on Android app, perhaps you can in a different app?) 


Anyone else had this? I find it rather creative in a way and this guy must indeed be a good guy. 😎

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Hey! Thanks for coming to the community for help 🙂

This is pretty entertaining, I gotta say. However, I would recommend changing your password & such just to be on the safe side.


As for the message, you can edit playlist covers & add descriptions on the desktop version of Spotify! Unfortunately, the feature isn't currently available on mobile.


Hopefully this helps! (and if it does, marking this as a "solution" will make it easier for others with the same problem to find)

I know! I'm not even mad, it's kinda cute! Hacking users in order to in the most polite way drawing attention to ones music.


But the question is also if more people have seen this and if Spotify knows about it  


I kinda don't want to change my password just to see what happens next. I'm going to create a new playlist and name it to something that will address the hacker and put ABBA's "Thank you for the music" in it. 😊

The game is on! 



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