Help - Please No Google!!

Help - Please No Google!!

 Spotify is moving to a Google cloud service.  Say it ain't so!!



Google already has more than enough information about the populace - giving them our music listening habits by having them host for Spotify is more than just troubling.  PLEASE SPOTIFY - DO NOT USE GOOGLE.


Diversity in who owns the data is paramount to privacy - something we all hold dear.



Please reconsider the business relationship with Google.



I love the Spotify service - it's among the very best products/services out there (period), but I am seriously considering cancelling my premium service because of this.



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What is exactly the problem about moving to Google?

Google Cloud Services are one of the best cloud services you can get, looking at the up-time.

Every cloud provider knows things about the users, so that makes no sense.
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Not sure what was unclear - which part makes no sense to you?


- there are privacy concerns when Google gets even more data.  Music listening habits tell Google a great deal about the listeners of that music.  They've already got vast amounts of information and now they have / will have more..



Meanwhile, the chatter on Reddit & elsewhere indicates that users are leaving Spotify Premium and going with Google Play Music All Access.  Google is Spotify's competitor - why willingly hand over your customer data to them??  Now that makes no sense.

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