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Hijacked account

Hijacked account

Plan Premium

Country Sweden

Device (iPhone 8

Operating System (iOS 10


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My account has been hijacked by two sources. I have followed the suggestion from Spotify to log out stillhaving the problem. I then changes my passwords twice still having the same problem i.e. two user (di Emanueka playing latino music and the other one playing Hymns ! Attcahed are screen shots ) has control of my spotify account playing there musci and I cannot interupt . This has been going on for one week now . PLEASE HELP !


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Hey @1966magnus  


Here are a couple of other solution you can try. 

In the account overview, you can find a button labeled "Sign Out Everywhere"  you can click on that and it will sign everyone out of your account.

Another option you can try is in the account overview under the offline device tab, you can select which device to deregister. 


If you have any more question click here to be taken to the ‘What do I do if my account has been taken over?’ support article.



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