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How can I change the Discovery Weekly picture if I created my Spotify account using FB directly?

How can I change the Discovery Weekly picture if I created my Spotify account using FB directly?


I already found on this message board a way to change the picture on the discover weekly playlist IF you can unlog and relog from facebook, it is unfortunatly not an option for me since I initially used Facebook to create my spotify account.


Thank you for your time.

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I have the same problem, opened an account with facebook, have changed profile picture several times.
Got divorced several months ago and I still have a photo with my ex there. It's very annoying. I just canceled the subscription and I'm going to move to Pandora because I stream music from my tv, my car, my computer, my phone and I don't want to see that photo everywhere, even other people that is near me see it and is uncomfortable. Let me know if there's a solution so I can use Spotify again.

I have the same problem. Made account with FB, so disconnecting is not an option. My fiancee called off our engagement over a month ago, changed my FB profile pic at the time, but the change is only reflected in my Spotify profile pic in the top-right corner of the computer application. Pic of my ex is still used for Discover Weekly. 

I am yet another person with the same issue. Split from my ex a while ago but still have her picture on my discover weekly and I tend to use that station a lot so it is really causing me to get angry with Spotify at this point.

Same boat, would love to be able to have a new picture so I can use discover without having to see the old picture

Hey guys, if you're needing to have the image changed, contact @SpotifyCares on Twitter and they should be able to help. The staff are aware of the issue with the image not syncing, this is just a workaround for the moment 🙂

Any suggestions for those of us without twitter? If push comes to shove I'll make one just to get the problem resolved hah

Unfortunately no, still seeing if I can find out a permanent solution for you guys. 

Any update about this issue?

Hey, if you're still having troubles and you can't contact SpotifyCares, best thing to do is head over to the contact form, they should be able to sort you out 🙂

The same issue here

My picture has not changed as well. Can I get this resolved also?

I also have this exact issue! Made my account through FB around 2012. I can't just disconnect/reconnect, and though I've updated my profile picture twice over the last year, I'm still seeing my profile picture from 2015 on there. It's an awkward picture and I'd love to not have to look at it. If there's a way for someone at Spotify to manually fix this I would greatly appreciate it.

I've been trying to change my spotify discover picture for weeks with no luck. I've looked for solutions, disconnected Facebook and nothing works. It's a photo I really don't want to see and have to every time I use Spotify.

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