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How can I log someone else out of my account?

How can I log someone else out of my account?

A few weeks ago I was over at a friend's house and I logged into my Spotify account on her computer to play her a song we had been talking about.  Unfortunately, I forgot to log out of my spotify account when I left.  The thing is, this friend has VERY different musical taste than me.   Since that point in time, all of a sudden I see her type of music showing up on my account for recommendations etc.   So I called her and asked her about it and she admitted she had been playing music using my Spotify account because I left it logged in and she didn't think it was a big deal.   I asked her to log out of my account and she said she would.    Still to this day I see music appearing on my account that would never, in a million years, appear if she had not been using my account to listen to music that I would never listen to.   How can I know for sure she logged out of my account and is not using it anymore?  Some other services have a security option where you can forcibly log out any systems that are logged in using your account.   Does Spotify have an option like that?



Thank you!


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Hey @NightshadeSF,

Thanks for coming to the Community.


You can sign out everywhere here. 🙂 Keep in mind that, if your friend played lots of their music through your account, it might take some time for the music recommendations to fully adjust to your music preferences again.


I hope this helps!

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