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How can i change my my spotify username?


How can i change my my spotify username?

Hi! This is probably been asked a lot before, but I could not find exactly what I was looking for.


I got my spotify account some years ago, and I made my account through facebook. My problem is that I really want to connect spotify to other devises etc.. So I found a place where I could make a username to my spotify.. My problem is that I never got the change to make my own username, it was already a username there.. It is many numbers and really hard to remember...


It is a way to change that? I had never been there before so I think its weird that it was made by itself(since other people I know could make their own..)

Thanks for answers(sorry, I know it is some incorrect grammar)

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You can delete your current account to free up your email and then make another account with your same email address

Has anyone found a solution to this? Can't change username. Can't even use the name I signed up with 😞


3 weeks ago

You can delete your current account to free up your email and then make another account with your same email address"


and lose all your saved albums and playlists.. great idea.. How hard can it be Spotify?!


evil elmo.gif

Seems a little bas-akwards....   You guys have an IPO coimg up...I hope you address this rather major bug soon...

[Comment deleted]


Hi, I also have the problem of needing to change my username as I somehow have ended up with a username with about 26 random letters and a couple of numbers thrown in, don’t know how I managed that but I am not going to use it every time I sign in. 

I see the best answer by Mary was to create a new account but that didn’t work for me, it says my email is already in use and won’t let me proceed.

any other ideas?


Vote for change your username is an option, in this way Spotify will notice
it better. you can vote over here
that you can create a new mail and in this way make a new account.

Hey @omuapuxeigjfc9w


That string of characters is your actual Spotify username, which may have been assigned automatically to you when you created your account through Facebook.


Fortunately, they aren't something you need to remember, since you can simply sign in with your email address.


Sometimes it's displayed like that in the app, but normally it should update itself after a little while with your name.


Hope it helps. 🙂

osorniosSpotify Star
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lol I had the same problem


Alright, I can create a new account and really helpful to put my old playlist to my new one. But My old Spotify account has a nice link including my username and my new account has a really ugly randomly created (letters, numbers) username. I hate it. 

How to get the new account link including my username as my old account?

I don't want to use a link with randomly created letters and numbers.


Thank you.

Can they transfer followers as well?

Nope they cant, but come on it is 2018 hahah.


I've asked to the assistance center and I couldn't solve my problem... Fortunately there is SOUNDIIZ... Otherwise I would have to remake my playlists again

That is unbelievable what they done. Sorry to hear that.



The proposed solution is not working anymore.

On account creation people are asked only about Display Name, which also will be impossible to change. Username is a generated sequence of digits and charactes, which is impossible to remember, email address is used for logging in.

Not sure that still many people consider that it's good idea to use Facebook account for authentication on other services, or even to have Facebook account at all.

As many people are using email addresses on free services it means that if their email address will be blocked they will be not able to use Spotify with username/password and change email address. The only posibility will be to contact support service and prove somehow that they are their accounts owners.

Hello all!


Thanks for paying a visit to the Community.


You can’t change your username, but you can enter a preferred name during sign up to display on your profile. 


To display a different name on an existing account:


  • You can create a new account to enter a preferred name during sign up.  
    Note: Be sure to cancel any subscriptions on the existing account. Your new account won’t have access to any playlists, followers, or anything saved in Your Library on the existing account. 
  • Or, you can connect to Facebook to display your Facebook name.

Note: It’s not possible to log in with the name displayed on your profile.


Hope this helps. Let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day!

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Hey everybody,


We've made some changes backstage and right now if you don’t like your display name you can change it by following the steps here


You could also connect to Facebook to display your Facebook name. But if you decide to add a Spotify display name, it will show instead of your Facebook one.


Last but not least, you can take a look at this Spotify Answer, if you want to read more about how you can customize your Spotify profile.


Give us a shout, in case there's anything else you need help with!


Take care 😊

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I want to change my username I don’t know how…

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