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How can i change my my spotify username?


How can i change my my spotify username?

Hi! This is probably been asked a lot before, but I could not find exactly what I was looking for.


I got my spotify account some years ago, and I made my account through facebook. My problem is that I really want to connect spotify to other devises etc.. So I found a place where I could make a username to my spotify.. My problem is that I never got the change to make my own username, it was already a username there.. It is many numbers and really hard to remember...


It is a way to change that? I had never been there before so I think its weird that it was made by itself(since other people I know could make their own..)

Thanks for answers(sorry, I know it is some incorrect grammar)

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Hey @noideaaa

Spotify Customer Support are super nice and friendly and can move your music etc over to your new account. You can get in touch with them through the online form or if you have a Twitter account, feel free to tweet @SpotifyCares at anytime 🙂

Wow. This is surprising that Spotify doesn't have the simple option of changing a username like many others do within the account settings. Spotify reps should at least be able to change your username if you contact them via Twitter or online form. Sadly, they have some unspecified reason why they choose not to give us a more convenient and user friendly experience.

I find this so annoying. I hope Spotify provides a better solution. Im a premium user and I've convinced a lot of my friends to subscribe to spotify but I can't get a simple solution to changing my username.

Your website said if I just wanted to change the username that appears in public to just connect my account to Facebook. I did, and it still shows my old username except now I have my fb photo with it. What am I supposed to do to make this work?

Hey guys, so i've been dealing with this for a while now. The way I was able to do it is that the username used for the spotify community board can be used in the event that you do not log in with facebook. So I went to the My Settings page and the Personal Profile tab, and the username tab underneath that. There is an option to change username. I did that, logged in with that username and my facebook password and it worked like a charm.


Let me know if that works out for anybody else.

Hi! I really need someone to help me. I want to remove any trace of my Facebook from my Spotify account. I already disconnected but my photo at username are still there. Please help!

I don't want to create a new account and lose my followers/playlist/radio

Please Spotify team, make us change easily our username, we can accept even just ONE change, that's good enough.

this doesn't help

I also join this petition. I created my account years ago with a nickname I used before, and now I want to change it to something more similar to my real name. This cannot really be that difficult, since I suppose the primary key of your database are e-mail addresses.

The primary key is the username, you can change your email.



My suggestion would be for you to create a new account with different email address from the one you use for facebook (past or present). That will give you a Spotify username of your choice.


Once you have this new account, contact customer support and they'll help you migrate your Premium privileges (if you have them), library, playlists, friends, etc. to this new account.


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Right now there is no way to change your username 😕 As described hereou can create a new account with the username you want and then send a contact form request to have your old playlists transferred over 🙂


Also you can not change your registered email address.

Seriously, Instagram and Twitter allow you to change it on the fly. Why can't we change it here??

Yeah you guys should do something with this username problem.

Why? Oh I get it, Spotify must have been designed in 1987.

I've got a username, but spotify has chosen to make my real name visable (probably due to the facebook connection)... Is there any way that I could remove my name at least and use my username instead?



The only way to do that is by removing your Facebook connection in the Desktop app (Preferences > Disconnect from Facebook).

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How is it there is *still* not a simple way to change your username?!

Spotify, to this day, is still insistent on forcing us to start an additional account using a different email address, contact them to request them to transfer out account history (playlists, etc.) to the new account, and be grateful that Spotify exists with a thumb up our....

@thuglife I did it, about a month ago and still no response from Spotify.

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