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How do I block a follower from adding music to MY playlists

How do I block a follower from adding music to MY playlists

This girl just followed me and then added hundred of songs to my playlist. I pay for premium so I can have my music on my phone so when she added all those songs my phone downloaded them and it is taking all my storage space. Nevermind the fact that I dont want her music on my playlists to begin with....because they are MY playlists. I have never had to complain about spotify before but this kinda sucks.

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She would only be able to add content to your playlists if they are marked as collaborative (which is never a default). 


In the desktop client, right click on the playlist name and select "Make Non-Collaborative" and that will stop anyone from making changes to that playlist. You can also do this from the mobile app as far as I am aware! 

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Making non-colaborative playlists is not ideal. My wife and I share playlists with each other, but then some random joe-shmo can add his c r a p to our playlists without our permission. I have no idea how they keep getting the link. I've set my playlists to private, so it's really ticking me off that I have to turn off collaboration because somehow people are finding my playlist. 

Hey @1up4evr1,


Thanks for reaching out about this in the Community!


Sorry to hear that a random user is adding unwanted tracks to your Collaborative playlist.


Spotify is rolling out an update which now allows you to allow and remove people as collaborators in your collaborative playlists. 


Here is how it's done:


The creators of a public playlist can change the collaborator of a certain playlist. Once a user has been removed as a collaborator, they would remain as a member and can't change anything on the playlist.


It's only possible on Mobile for now:

  1. Tap the profile pictures under the playlist name. 
  2. Tap blob
    (iOS) / blob
    (Android) next to your friend’s name
  3. Choose Make collaborator or Remove from playlist.

Note that this is still being rolled out to all users and you might not currently have it, as it's the case with my account at the moment.


If this option is not available for you, what you can do is delete this playlist and create a new private playlist, transfer all the songs from the old one. After that you can make the playlist collaborative by clicking the blob icon. After this you can send a link only to your wife. The other user should not have access to this playlist.


As a last resort, you should be able to click on the profile of the user who keeps adding unwanted songs to your playlist and block them. This can also be done on Mobile by going to their Profile> Clicking the 3-dot menu > Block.


Hope you find this info useful 🙂 Don't hesitate to reach out again if you have questions.

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