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How to remove Spotify's e-mail and password login (instead of Facebook login)?

How to remove Spotify's e-mail and password login (instead of Facebook login)?




This week, I've noticed twice already that I am suddenly following playlists that I haven't interacted with myself. My first thought has been that someone has hacked into my account and is following those playlists. As I use Facebook for logging in to Spotify and my Facebook account is additionally locked with two-factor authentication and I double checked active Facebook sessions, then I know my account hasn't been accessed from there.


But I also tried logging in to Spotify with just my e-mail and password combination and it turns out that I also have those login credentials for Spotify. Now I'm worried that if that combination has somehow leaked (I had another hacked account problem just recently), then it can easily be hacked and so, I would like to simply remove the Spotify login credentials altogether from my account and just stick with Facebook login. But if I use the "Reset your password" link, it directs me to Facebook as, "It looks like you are using your Facebook credentials to log in to Spotify. To change your Facebook password go to your settings page at"


I don't want to remove Facebook login as it's much more secure with its authentication methods than just the e-mail+password combination. Is there any way I could remove the Spotify login instead?

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Hey @Lisyda,


Thanks for posting this to the community - I'd like to help here!


Was your Spotify account created through a Facebook account? Is the password for Facebook the same as this other platform that you've been having issues with? Would you also be able to check that you're not logging into another Spotify account for me? 



Hi @ItsPugle,


I think I created the account through Facebook but I don't remember for sure anymore as it was years ago.

The passwords for my Facebook and Spotify account are different but both login options in Spotify allow me to log on to the same account - I can access it by logging in via Facebook or by simply using the e-mail and password combination. I checked this on both the Spotify app (PC and Android) and by simply logging in at - I see the information for the same account with both login methods, so it's definitely just the one account.






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