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How to save 'your top songs 2016' as playlist?

How to save 'your top songs 2016' as playlist?

Hi there,

I got the latest email with my statistics of 2016.. very interesting! I also like the playlist. Feels like a tour through my personal music favourites.. so I want to save that playlist as a playlist in my account. But I can't! There's no button.. I can only save the playlist as a bookmark in my browser.. is there any chance to get it saved in my account? It would be sad to loose this list...


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Hi @kyrildrums, thanks for coming to the Spotify Community!


If you would like to save the "Your Top Songs 2016" playlist, all you have to do is open it up in something other than the web app. If you open it in the desktop application, you can simply right click on it and select "Create Similar Playlist" and it will automatically be copied.


If you need any help finding the playlist in the desktop app, please let me know!

I have the same quesiton.  I don't see the top songs 2016 listed in in the desktop app under playlists.  



Scratch that.  I found it under "Browse". - Thanks 

When I click the "Create similar playlist" button it creates a playlist but none of the songs in that playlist are on my top songs 2016 playlist. @lukenamop

I created a playlist named 2016, then openend the spotify 2016 Wrapped playlist under Browse.  Use the Play Queue view and select all the songs in the queue and drag and drop them into your new 2016 playlist you already created.    

I can't seem to find my top songs playlist in the desktop app - a few people said they found it in browse but it doesn't seem to be anywhere, any other ideas?


Cheers, M

Open the playlist in the Web browser by clicking the link you received in the email then copy the URL from the Web browser.   Open the Desktop Spotify app and paste the link into the search box, then when the playlist is displayed, save it as usual.

Hi and thanks for all your answers!


I could 'save' the list by just 'follow' the list.. I hope that's the same thing as saving it and that its not suddenly unavaliable or something..

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