I cant find my account anymore?


I cant find my account anymore?


Hello, so a few days ago i paired my mastercard with spotify to be able to use the 30 days trial.
Now i tried to log in but for some reason it said there's no active account registered with my email, which was anyways saved in my cloud. I tried to log in with my facebook and this other email but i have no trial activated on them and so i believe either my account got closed either i cant seem to be able to find it anymore.
Is it possible to retrieve my account with my card number in some way?
Because I really don't know how to act and I don't want obviously to pay for something i don't have access to.

Thanks, Valentino

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Re: I cant find my account anymore?

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Community Manager


Thanks for reaching out, and welcome to the Community!

We're sorry to hear you're having trouble. We'd recommend checking out our Problems logging in support article for more info.

This should help clear things up!