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I couldn't log in it said I didn't have an account even though I do

I couldn't log in it said I didn't have an account even though I do

I've always used the continue with google option to log in to my account but now I pick that option and it says that I don't have an account linked to it so now I lost all my playlists I made another account but I wanna get my playlists back
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Hey there!

Thanks for reaching out; I totally get how you feel 🙂

Do you think you might have used a different Google account in the past?
If you can't remember if this is the case, maybe this Google article might be of help to you!

Aside from this though, it's a good idea to take a look at our FAQ article on locating additional Spotify accounts.
If that doesn't help out, navigate to the linked survey at the bottom of the page for additional assistance.

Fingers crossed this works out for you! We'll be here in case you need anything else.

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I don't know how this is happened because I'm just listen to Spotify before sleep but when I'm just wake up in the morning I just want to listen some music but all of my devices just logged out automatically and it won't let me to login, it always says "something went wrong". I have tried to reinstall Spotify app, remove Spotify in Facebook app setting, and got no luck, it got more worse because I have tried reset a password solution that need to use a Facebook email, but I can't access that email.

I have looked up to my account profile, one of my playlist is gone and that playlist got 10K of likes. Can somebody help me?

I'm sorry my english is kinda bad cause I'm Thai, hope y'all understand what I mean.







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