I lost many songs in my playlist

I lost many songs in my playlist

It is as if my playlist got sent back ~9 months and the re-arrangements and songs I added over the last 9 months are gone.

My bestguess is that something might have happened as I booted my old phone to check some old texts and used spotify installed on that unit while doing so. (this is the only odd thing that happened somewhat in correlation to that the songs were dropped and lost)
...it shouldn't overwrite because of this, though.

Thanks in advance!
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As a first step, we'd recommend making sure that you're not logged in a different account which has a playlist with the same name. If that's not the case, please make sure your account is secured, as those changes might be the result of unauthorized activity.


We'd also recommend clean reinstalling the app to make sure this is not a caching issue and checking how things look when logged in on a different platform like PC.


Keep us posted.

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Hi Mihail!
Thank you for your reply!
I experience this problem on my Spotify Smart TV app, my phone(s) and on my laptop.
Is there a way for your support team to manually dig in my account and/or older versions of my playlists? I could provide the name of the playlist etc. (?)


Reg. your advice on reinstalling the app. 
My smart phone allows me to clear the cash data. Altough the situation has been like this for soon two months and I have added one song in the playlist since I discovered this. (it was how I realized) 
So I think the playlist needs to be reset to an "older version". 

If you still want me to uninstall and reinstall - I can do so.

BR / g

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