Incorrect (and slightly embarassing) top artists

Incorrect (and slightly embarassing) top artists

Hi there

On my spotify profile, my top artists are constantly wrong and feature artists I never listen to - and that don't feature in any of my playlists. Why is this happening and what can I do to fix it, it's starting to damage my street cred 🙂
I hate Akon and he's been sitting at the top for while...


Clare Thompson

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Hello Clare, welcome to the Community!


You can try and turn off the following options (Spotify__Preferences__Profile):


Screen Shot 2012-08-15 at 2.02.12 PM.png



If you turn this off, you will be able to see your top tracks but your friends will not. If you still want to show it, you can leave it on, and it will refresh automatically each two weeks (aprox).


It is weird that it shows the wrong artists and tracks at the moment,,,maybe you have used your Spotify account in a party or something like that? Anyways, as I said this will disappear soon.


If you keep having problems with this, come back to us, 


Thanks! 😉



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♬Music is life♬

Thanks Rocio.

I know I can turn it off, but I quite like having my top artists displayed.

I have used my account at a party a few times, but not one where Akon and Ed Sheeran were being played.

Plus this is a problem that has been going on for about a year?!

I think this is a bug in the system.



Hello Clare,


We´ve been looking into your case now and it seems really odd. We have not received any notification that this has been happening it shouldn't be a bug. 


I have asked and it is actually just a week what your top artists need to be refreshed. Maybe you can give it a try, turn this option off for a week, then turn it on again, and maybe they are all gone next time your friends check your profile. 


Please come back to us if you keep experiencing this, we will be happy to look into it again.


Thanks and sorry for the inconveniences. 



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♬Music is life♬

I am one of many people having this problem.  Its confusing that you say there has been no notification of it happening lately:


I listen to several different bands' songs only once, never star it, and it shows as favorites to everyone and is recommended for sharing. Meanwhile, there are other songs and music groups I listen to constantly, or have started listening to them a lot, I star them, and they are not showing up as favorites. 


This really sucks and I'm going to turn off my favorites since it serves no purpose, I think this is a significant issue for an app that is supposed to be 'the social music app'. 


Hello there,


We are looking at sorting this. We really are. Hopefully, you'll all see some improvements soon.


I will get back to you as soon as I have news about it,


Thanks and sorry for the inconveniences,




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♬Music is life♬

Same problem here - never even listen once to a number of artits that results my favourites. Looking forward for having this fixed.

Thanks for the great work you are doing. Michela

I, too, am having this problem.  Though I like the artists in question and have perhaps listened to a song by one of them in the last week, I have listend to other artists much, much more in the past 7 days.

I've been having the same issues.  What is Spotify using to determine a top artist?  My top list currently includes Lupe Fiasco, Busta Rhymes, and some guy i've never heard of called Hunter Hayes.  I know i've been listening to Avett Brothers, Mumford and Sons, Lumineers, Killers, Bruce Springsteen almost every night  but they aren't in my top artist....what gives?

Same problem here. I don't listen to Chris Brown or Maroon 5, yet they're listed as two of my "favorite" artists.  Would it be so hard for Spotify to just let users set their own favorite artists list? If not, please fix soon. 

I have also problems with this feature, I am 100% sure that my first should be song that I cannot even see my top 20 list 😕

other songs from that artist I can see...



I am also having the same problem, my supposed 'favourite' tracks are all pop artists that I have never listend to on spotify! Please sort this out!

This has been a problem for me, too—ever since I started using Spotify (years ago).

I've had this issue since I joined in July.  The songs in my top tracks have never in any way resembled what I have recently been listening to - or even as a cumulative total.  It would be nice if this was fixed.

Take this feature out from under Spotify control and give it to the USER!

Good grief!
This ISN'T brainsurgery!

Can I speak for any other users out there?

Back me up people....


this's been annoying me for a quite while. I think if you play a popular song even for just once, it can make into your top list. rihanna's diamonds? I hated that song and never played again.

I'm having the same exact problem. Embarrassing. 

It's silly to bury your head in the sand and pretend the problem does not exist. Obviously, there are numerous users who have this wrong top artist problem (I among them). But the community manager has been silent since August--the last comment being that it's probably user error and not the system.

We are aware of it, Ynnnnn. My 'Top Artists' were Justin Bieber, Lady GaGa and Psy the other week. I can assure you, this isn't true. I haven't got 'Bieber fever'.

We'll notify you when we hear it's been sorted properly.


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same here!

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