Increase Offline Computers

Increase Offline Computers




Actually i am on a situation that most probably many users are.

I have Premium Spotify, unfortunately im sure i reached the maximum limit of computers that can keep offline songs.

So, my computer many times wipes out all the offline songs.. actually i am in china and it takes aaages to sync them.. listen in live stream is impossible.

There is a way to pay maybe twice suscription and have 6 computers ? For me is very important to keep the devices sync with same music.. but i have many computers and gadgets that daily use.

Im not asking for this free, im willing to pay for it. How we can solve this ? 


Thanks for your time.

Best Regards

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>> There is a way to pay maybe twice suscription and have 6 computers


You could purchase two Premium subscriptions across two accounts? But I suspect that's maybe not what you're after.


Currently, three's the limit per account I'm afraid. Try looking through the Ideas board for any proposed suggestions to change this:

Check out our Twitter for the latest updates on any service issues: @Spotifystatus

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