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MOG vs spotify

MOG vs spotify

Mog has 320 bit rate for free and throughout their music plans, yet spotify only offers it on their 9.99.  Why can't we get 320 on free or the $5 plan. 

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Different services offer different incentives for you to pay. In Spotify's case, 320kbps is one of the things they're trying to get money for.

Does MOG "require facebook"? What about MOG music catalog? Is it smaller, the same, or larger than Spotify?

It doesn't require facebook, you can signup without, also the catalog is bigger.  Please tell me what is better about spotify.

Interesting only MOG and Pandora are in BMW ConnectedDrive... anyone want to buy me a 2012 model for this feature?


I use Spotify with the car through the iPhone. Honestly it could be improved... I can only get the steering wheel controls or the text display to work, but not both at the same time and those beeps are annoying. 

I am a premium subscriber to BOTH the Spotify and Mog services.  My purpose for having these services is simple:  to play music in my car, fully integrated with my car's Navigation system, streamed thru my iPhone 5's 4G mobile signal.  That's it.


Mog Pros:

I drive a 2011 BMW with iDrive Navigation and when I have MOG connected via BMW Apps thru my iPhone 5 (4G LTE Signal).  The Nav integration is excellent!


Mog Cons:

With my signal at 4G LTE, I assumed I would be getting 320Kpbs quality.  Guess what, ITS NOT REALLY 320K!  No where close.  It sounds more like 160kbps.  Yes, this is AFTER I enabled the "Higher Quality" setting in MOG.


Spotify Pros:

Now, Spotify advertises 320kbps.  guess what, IT REALLY IS 320KBPS, mobile streaming via 4g LTE !!  The sound quality is AMAZING, and playing the SAME SONGS on MOG vs Spotify, the difference is ridiculous.  Mog's "high quality" sucks, Spotify's "Extreme" quality is EXCELLENT, EXACTLY WHAT I WANT!


Spotify Cons:

In my BMW, I use Spotify via the Bluetooth Audio.  Navigation Integration sucks!!  If I am lucky, I can SOMETIMES see the track title, and SOMETIMES use the "next" button on my Nav.  Most other times, theres some error or problem that prevents the song from playing or the Nav from showing the correct song.  Spotify's Nav integration SUCKS !!



Conclusion:  I have no idea which one to use, if I had to choose only one.  Neither one is a perfect solution for my car, either I lose the Nav integration or I lose the 320kbps mobile stream.  At this point, I am leaning towards Spotify, simply because I like high quality sound, and can deal with inadequate navigation integration (for now).


Any thoughts?

Hey there!


You can registwer 4 Spotify without Facebook now.

As a Spotify premium user I'm tired to wait for a proper BMW Apps integration. Actually there is no integration at all. It's cumbersome to switch tracks or choose a playlist, even dangerous while driving. So I'm basically forced to move to MOG, which is fully compatible with BMW Apps. Having read the above, seems there are no significant differences between the two, MOG scores even higher. But for me car integration is top priority.

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