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Mistaken Payment

Mistaken Payment

Spotify charged me 9.99 after the free trial ran out. I was unaware that it would happen at midnight, and as such I didn't cancel until 12:30AM or so. I love the service but I simply cannot afford the 10 dollars right now and a refund would really really help my financial situation.


I sent a contact form a day ago and have recieved no reply. I understand that that isn't a very long wait but beccause of my situation I was just hoping to hear back as soon as possible.


Thank you so much for any information you can provide.

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Hey there, just to be able to get full refund, do not use Spotify app. If there is after trial end some log ins to app, there is no  rights to refund.


Answer time is 12-48 hours.

Just to clarify, the app on the phone or both computer and phone?

Both 😉

If you sign in and use the premium service then you may not have the right to a refund.



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I haven't streamed in but I did sign in to see if it still said premium on it when I originally cancelled. Hopefully that won't effect it.

Thanks for the advice!

I hope somene can help me with this. My nephew mistakenly logged onto my Spotify account on the website and signed me up for Spotify Premium. I realized this and cancelled immediately (within 2 mins) but I was already charged $9.99 for the same. I currently live outside the United States so I do not even use the free Spotify. 


I want to find out if there is a way for Spotify to refund that money since it was paid mistakenly and I have not been using Spotify for months. I am looking around the website for a contact number/email address or contact form but cannot find one. Can anyone help me please?

Online contact form

If you get an automatic answer, just reply directly to it again.

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