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Multiple Subscription Discount

Multiple Subscription Discount

I currently pay about $22 a month for 3 subscriptions to a competitor.  Spotify interests me because it seems like the desktop app is slightly more robust and I do listen to music while i'm working and find that i prefer a desktop app over the web alternative.  Does spotify offer subscription discounts like this?

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I'm in the same situation as the OP.


The Spotify interface _is_ much richer and the use of (and credit to) Open Source are compelling.


Just not compelling enough to migrate 4 accounts with the attendant increase in subscription fees.


Suggest that Spotify consider a "Family Plan" or something like.



This would be great... I do like their desktop app, but their mobile app is horrible.  The bad thing is; no one else in my family can listen to Spotify.  I doubt they will do anything in the near future... I'm thinking about just paying for the desktop version $4.99 and the $9.99 for a premium account for my family; so they can use it on their phone(s).


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