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Multiple accounts with same email


Multiple accounts with same email

I have two accounts I think and can't seem to retrieve the one that has all of my playlists and whatnot.


My work PC was using the correct account and my home PC apparently was using a different account but with the same email (if that's possible). Some how since I linked with facebook it clobbered the account I was using at work and now I'm forced using the account that doesn't have my playlists and everything.

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Experiencing the same issue! I had previously connected my Facebook account, but ended up removing it. The Spotify App still shows all my Facebook info, but on desktop it has all the correct account information. Any idea on how to change the information on the app to reflect the right account?

Help! i am having the same issue, i paid for premium on my facebook linked account and i dont have my playlists on my facebook linked account. i thought my playlists had disapeared and if i paid for the premium they would sync but no. so i logged in to spotify just using my username and then my playlists appeared but without the premium i just purchased. i would really prefer not having to pay twice so if you could help me it would be greatly appreciated! i unlinked my spotify account from my facebook and im incredibly confused as to what i should do now. i also know this forum is old so i can only hope you see this. my email is exactly the same for facebook and spotify so please help. im losing it over here.


i had the same problem although i reset the password and have now lost my premium account and family subsctiption! please help!

HI i saw your post randomly because i'm looking for solutions to the same problem and when I saw you being able to merge two accounts into one I was hoping that you'll be able to do the same to me because the one that i'm using now is the old one and it was the one that got registered as premium and I wanted the new one which is currently connected to my facebook to be merged with the old one so hope you'll be able to help me, I don't want my premium for family go to waste - joanna

Hi Joanna,

from what I remember, I had to explain it all very clearly to spotify support and then they fixed it for me! If you provide the different account names and what you want them to do they fix it for you fingers crossed. I think I also tweeted them which quickly got their attention

Good luck !

I have the same problem. I seem to have two accounts attached to my email address. One has premium and I can only access online. When I open the app on my phone and use the same address and password it says "you have already linked this account with facebook and pulls through another account. It's a free account. Account number 22nxlfgfsdd4mhfgpoz4du6ly. Can this please be deleted. 


I have tried linking the right account with facebook when logged in by clicking 'Link with facebook" but it is "temporarialy unavaliable". Please help

I have two accounts under the same email but I can't get access to my premium account with all my music on it. Ive tried a dozen different things and nothing seems to work. 

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