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My Account

My Account

I have two premium accts but am being charged for 3:


User Name = john perlowski   Last 4 #'s of Card = ****


User Name = jperlowski Last 4#s of Card = ****


The above two are correct;  I am also being charged an additional $9.99/mth for an account

that doesn't exist on card ****.  I need this cancelled and amounts charged credit back to card.


John S. Perlowski


E-mail: [snip-mod edit-email]


Mobile # [snip-mod edit-number]



PS this would be easier if you had a customer support telephone ################

3 Replies

Hey! Welcome to the community 🙂 


You will need to get in touch with the payments team directly to get this resolved. You can get in touch using the online contact form.



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You should probably take down your personal info... You'd be surprised what people can do with an email address, two usernames (you prolly use elsewhere too), phone number and the last 4 digits of two of your credit cards.  

Hi, brentdibble is right. I've just removed some of those details for you. Best not to have that info on a public forum. 

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