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My account is hacked and my E-mail is changed

My account is hacked and my E-mail is changed

I recently discovered that my Premium account was downgraded to a Free account. When I checked my profile, my E-mail address was changed by adding ".del" at the end (from to When I tried to edit my  address back to, I was informed that "Another account is already registered with this email address". I am thus seriously afraid that the account is hacked and used by another person.

I have checked other threads on similar problem. Yesterday I made a posting in one of the threads; so far without any answers. I have reported the problem using the Customer support contact form. So far no help.

I would greatly appreciate a response from Spotify 

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Use contact form for this. Spotify need some personal information and public forum isn't right place for this.

I have used the Contact form twice already. There is no answer so far. My problems do not really fit any of the subject headings, but this time I will use "technical support". Hope someone wil check it up

Hi tskjaerpe - I can see that response has already been sent your way. 


Please keep an eye on your personal inbox for us. Be sure to check your SPAM filter as well--thanks!

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