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Holy **bleep**!  All I want is to talk to someone at the company that I pay for their services.  This is ridiculous!


I bought a new phone and trying to get into my Spotify account (again, a service that I pay for) and even though I am logged into my's just showing "Free Account" and Go Premium (wanting me to pay more????).  Why is my Premium account that I am already paying for not coming up.


I have tried everything...and no where on Spotify website is there any contact information...I have to go to "Community".  That's stupid and irresponsible.  Now that I have that off my chest.  CAN ANYONE HELP ME?


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Hi @kdimaline, thanks for posting to the Community!


Is it possible that you are logged into a different account? This is a very easy mistake to make so don't worry if you are.


If you can confirm that you are logged into the right account, please submit a ticket to the Spotify team via the contact form and they will be happy to help!


If you are looking for this link in the future, scroll down on the Spotify website to 'Contact Spotify' and the link will be at the bottom of the page under 'Contact Form'. If there is no 'Contact Spotify' option then click 'Help' first, then scroll down and it should be there.


As for why Spotify pushes the idea of posting to the Community before speaking to them directly, Spotify is an extremely large company with many users, and speaking to every customer who has a problem with the service could create really big wait times or rushed responses. So to combat this, there are volunteers in the community such as myself who act as a sort of mediator, so that the issues that the Spotify Team needs to deal with directly can be solved correctly and with less wait time.


Hope you understand, and please reply if you need any additional help 🙂



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