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No music for a band

No music for a band

Hi I'm from Mexico and I don't have access to the catalog of an artist from my account, even if other users in my country can, for exemple Muse. I can see the bio of the band, but no the discography, How I can fix this?

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Not all music is available in every country at the moment as licensing is been done on a country by country basis. I would guess that this is going to change in the future though. If your friends have access to spotify content which you don't, is it possible they have these tracks stored locally on their desktop or have a US subscription?

Yes, it is very frustrating because I saw a banner promoting a Muse concert here in Mexico, so the next thing I WANT IS TO LISTEN MUSE!!!! but you can't hahaha, so Spotify should not show ads or notifications like that from bands that you can't listen in your country (I'm also in Mexico)

BTW I have a Premium account... but with this kind of problems I don't feel so premium hahaha... actually I kinda miss the voice of the woman who speaks in those ads, hahaha

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