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Not getting my 2 free months?!

Not getting my 2 free months?!

So I just redeemed a gift card with the value 99SEK(Swedish krona), which should cover up for a month of spotify premium. On Spotifys homepage it said "Buy one month of premium and you'll get two months free". But when I'd entered the code it said that my premium would last until January 25. Why didn´t I get 2 months free? I'm feeling fooled by Spotify, cause I wouldn't have bought premium if I knew I wouldn't get the 2 extra months.. 😕

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Same here, since it was a Christmas Gift this is not Nice. though it was a 0,99 cent/Month for a period of 3 month Offen here in Germany - when i entered the code i only paid for 1 month and it was 9 , 99euro . btw my dad loves spotify so better keep him a happy customer!

I have got the same problem. I feel berayed by spotify! Hope they will fix it.

I have the same problem. Received 2   30€ gift cards yesterday. Upgraded to premium immediatly, so i should have 8 months of premium. But I just got 6 months....  Nice **bleep**ty way to get people to upgrade to premium...

I put spotify on my phone and tried to take advantage of the 99 cents/3 months offer using a 10 dollar physical gift card I got for christmas, but it looks like it didn't apply the deal and just gave me one month subscription. This is really shady! If I had known beforehand that the gift card would not let me use the deal, I would have just subscribed to get the deal and saved the gift card for three months from now and used it then. I hope Spotify can rectify this situation, this is a silly way to treat a customer.

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