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Pessoal , estou tentando pagar minha conta family do Spotfiy e não consegui com 3 cartões diferentes... alguém sabe solucionar esse problema?

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Hey there!


We can help you out in English here, or you can get support in Portuguese via this contact form, or on Twitter with the @SpotifyAjuda handle.


We hope this helps 🙂

Hi! I'm having the same problem here. Spotify tried to charge me, but my credit card was cancelled this week, because of a fraud. So I tried to change my billing options, in order to inform a new credit card to be chardged, but it's impossible! I have already tried putting 3 different credicards, but the website always go back to the same page, to put the credicard number again. 

How can I solve this problem? 


my email is 



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