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Paid twice for same download

Paid twice for same download

Dear Madam, Sir,

Yesterday afternoon I've accidentally downloaded the same album (Winston Mankunku Yakhal'Inkomo) two times. This wasn't intentionally for I thought that the download didn't come through. However my PayPal account was credited twice. Could you please fix this? Thanks in advance for your quick services! Please let me know should you need more information (for instance referencenumbers). Kind regards.

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Hi, the same thing has happened to me. My first download and appearently i was charged twice for downloading the same song, why is that even possible? I have contacted spotify about this three weeks ago but still no answer. Would be nice to get some feedback.


muuuzzik -  I can see my colleague got back to your case. Everything alright now?


Abdalla159 - Filling in the contact for is best for specific payments questions like this. Did you get some automated responses to your first emails?


Either way you've got an open case with us now. You should receive a response shortly. 

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