Payment subscription

Payment subscription

I live in Portugal but my bank account and credit card is from a Dutch bank, although registered to my Portuguese address.  Why won't Spotify accept it in payment of a subscription for my husband and me?

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Hey there @SusandeLeeuw!


The country set on your Spotify account needs to match the credit cards country in order to use it for Spotify 🙂 


I hope this helped! 🙂



I know that already, the website have me exactly that error message when I
tried to pay. My question is, why such an irritating rule! Loads of people
have bank accounts in countries they don't live in and my card is
registered in my country of residence.



Unfortunately, this is how it works. I believe the idea behind it is for fraud prevention and licensing agreements 🙂


I hope this helped to answer your question 🙂

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