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Playlist disappeared

Playlist disappeared

My Playlists have all disappeared and I have logged out and in. Removed Spotify from my computer and downloaded Spotify again, all in vain. What could be done to retrieve mu playlists ?

Many thanks for your help
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Hi ouwehand54 - I believe you might have a second account on our system. Do you have a Facebook account registered with a different email address?


Your 'ouwehand54' account hasn't been used much recently. 

Hey Meredith, didnt know how to message you directly so here goes: i just accidentally deleted my spotify play list. i was wondering if theres anyway to recover it? my spotify namy is: whammy! and my playlist was called: daaaaaaaaayum.

i'd really appreciate any help at all. thanks 



I too have deleted a playlist in error. In fact I'm not sure I deleted it, but its gone whether its my own fault or not. It was called "Orla"


Any chance of saving it? All help very much appreciated.





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