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Playlist recommendations

Spotify has changed the way recommended songs works under my playlist. When I was in search of new music I would get my favorite songs and put them into a playlist then look at the recommended songs. From the recommended songs I used to find many songs like my favorites but just recently Spotify’s recommended songs are based on the authors name or the song title. For example I can be in search of indie music but rock music will pop up just because of the same song title. Can we have the old recommendation way back??

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Spotify make your recommandations based on what you are listening.
Sadly, there is no way to indicates your preferences to the Spotify Algorithm other than mute songs in "made for you" library. (Example: "Discover Weekly" Playlist)


You can if you want do a post in the New Ideas Forum to share this idea with other idea and make it in-app 😉

Regards, GrifGrif


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