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Playlists all vanished?

Playlists all vanished?



Country: England



Iphone 6s

Operating System

iOS 11.4


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 So went to sleep last night and my spotify was all fine. Wake up this morning and all of my playlists have completely vanished, and my recently played are songs I havent touched in years. I tried logging out and back in, and I also tried the trick of disconnecting my facebook from the account but it didnt work. I don't recall ever having another account so I'm not sure what else to do.

Anyone else have this problem?

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I have the same issue. My content was normal 2 days ago but am now missing 99% of my content. My playlists and saved songs have been almost completely wiped on PC and iPhone 6s. There were also random songs added to my library I have not seen before. I have gone from a large lirbary of music to now maybe 20 songs I would say I would have added. I also tried refreshing the log in and I am not connected to Facebook. 

You can login to you spotify in the webbrowser and repair all your playlists

Sounds exactly like what happened to me. Spotify still works and I can look up the songs again etc but I have multiple playlists that are huge, cant possibly remember all of those names and remake them!! 😞

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