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Premium accounts, International travels, and artist licensing

Premium accounts, International travels, and artist licensing

Hello Community,


I can't seem to find any definitive information regarding this. I am aware that a subscriber's "home country" is wherever their billing is transacted. Thus, if I have an USA-based credit card, I am profiled as an USA subscriber. Here's what doesn't seem to be answered anywhere (and please keep in mind that you can replace the artist in this example with any regional-restricted artist):


1. USA-based premium subscriber

2. Search for "Emmelie de Forest"

3. No exact match appears, as she does not license for the USA

4. I travel to the UK

5. I login to Spotify with my USA Premium account

6. Search for "Emmelie de Forest"

??? - what happens next? Will the exact-match artist be playable since she IS UK-licensed?


Basically, I want to know if I can access Euro-region licensees with a USA Premium account - as long as I'm in the UK.

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The content you see in the catalogue will be related to the country setting on your account itself, so if you're paying with a US-based card, it'll be US content you see, no matter what country you're in.


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