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Problem to listen mp3 stocked on my computer

Problem to listen mp3 stocked on my computer

Hello everybody,
just for start, sorry for my english, i'm french and i don't speak english very well (same thing for write it).
So, for my problem, I'm just trying to understand something.
I chose a directory of my computer to share my mp3 on spotify.
All it's OK, I can see all of them.
But when I want to listen to them, they don't follow, one after other.
I have to force the listening by clicking on the title !

Can someone to help me ?
Thank you for all 🙂

1 Reply

Sorry for this mistake, I realize it's not the good place to post my problem.

I think than my new post is now correctly managed ^^

You can close this one.

Have a good day 😉

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