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Problem with loggin in by phone numbers

Problem with loggin in by phone numbers

Both my phone and laptop couldn't log into the Spotify app and the web player using my phone numbers(I'm in Vietnam), despite being just fine with any other means of loggin in, they keep say something went wrong and
tell me to try again later, please help
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Hiya khoithanhcong, so if you are experiencing issues logging into Spotify using your phone number in Vietnam, there are a few things you can try to troubleshoot the issue:

  1. Check your network connection: Make sure that your phone and laptop are connected to a stable and reliable network connection. If your network connection is unstable or weak, it may be difficult to log in to Spotify.

  2. Clear your browser cache and cookies: If you are using the web player to access Spotify, clearing your browser's cache and cookies may help to resolve the issue. This will clear any stored data that may be causing problems with your login.

  3. Try using a different browser: If you are experiencing issues with the web player, trying a different browser may help to resolve the issue. Some browsers may have compatibility issues with certain websites or web applications.

  4. Check your phone number: Make sure that your phone number is entered correctly and that it is associated with your Spotify account. You may want to double-check that your phone number is listed correctly in your account settings.

  5. Contact Spotify support: If none of the above solutions work, it may be helpful to contact Spotify support for further assistance. They may be able to help you troubleshoot the issue or escalate it to their technical team if necessary.

Overall, it is possible that this issue may be caused by a bug in the Spotify app or web player. 

Hope to get your log in issue situated, 


-Prague the Dog

Y dónde está soporte de Spotify?

Hola! Para contactar al soporte de Spotify en español, sigue estos pasos:

  1. Abre la página de ayuda de Spotify en español:
  2. Haz clic en el botón "Iniciar sesión" en la esquina superior derecha de la página y entra en tu cuenta de Spotify.
  3. Desplázate hacia abajo hasta la sección "Ayuda" y haz clic en "Contacta con nosotros".
  4. Elige la categoría que mejor describa tu problema, como "Cuenta y pago", "Reproducción y calidad de sonido", o "Aplicación y dispositivos".
  5. Selecciona la subcategoría que se ajuste a tu problema y haz clic en "Contactar con el soporte".
  6. Se te presentará una serie de opciones para ponerte en contacto con el equipo de soporte de Spotify, como chat en vivo, correo electrónico o Twitter. Elige la opción que prefieras y sigue las instrucciones para contactar al soporte.


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