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Problems with your service

Problems with your service

So, I wanted to try the 30 days, but I actually was never able to use it. Then I tried the 48hours for my iPhone and it worked.

Yesterday, you charged me the subscription fee but my account still showed free.

Then I wrote the support a mail, and now it shows Premium. I want my money back, either I'm going to open a case on paypal to get my money back.

I don't want to use your service and couldn't try the 30 days. And now you still charge me? Like WTF is this s***? 

I couldn't cancel the subscription, because it showed up as free?

I'm really angry right now, you don't even have a phone custumer service.


Give me back my money by your own, or I'll have to open a case on Paypal.


Thanks for your help.



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Hi Marvin. I see you've emailed us before - our payments team will help you. Please keep an eye on your inbox soon.

Check out how we're doing: @SpotifyStatus

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