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Profile photo won't update to current Facebook photo

Profile photo won't update to current Facebook photo

No matter how many times I log in and out of Spotify, or even uninstall and reinstall Spotify, it will not update my profile photo to the one I currently have on my Facebook. Not sure what the problem is or if I need to troubleshoot something, but it's driving me nuts. Anyone have any idea what's going on here? 

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Have the same problem, only worse.. I logged on my Spotify at a friends computer. From that moment on I had his Facebook picture and even his name on my Spotify.  Can't find any solution to this. Anybody out there with a solution??

@ruthollie - How long ago did you make the change on Facebook, it can take a few days for the changes to sync over to Spotify. If you have a Spotify account separate to Facebook, you can try unlinking your Facebook from your Spotify then reconnecting to force a resync.

@Viperones - You should just need to break the connection by going to Edit/Spotify > Preferences > Social Network > Disconnect from Facebook in the desktop Spotify client. Once you have done this, all Facebook data should vanish from your profile within 48 hours. If not, re-install the app:!/article/reinstallation-of-spotify

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This did not help unfortunarely 😞
Tried all of the above tips.



Seems to be a bug that needs sorting.
I'm using Apple devices and iOS 8.
I get the profile name and picture updated but the "mini" profile picture and profile link name refuses to get updated no matter what. Appreciate if this gets fixed in next version update.

Issue has been solved all of a sudden so could be that it just took a very long time to force update.
I'm happy and thankful 🙂

And btw, I just can not and do not want to live without Spotify!!

I having this issue too also with the current artist played it seems to take forever for those to change also 





It can take 1-2 days for the profile picture to be updated on Spotify after updating it on Facebook.


The recently played artists section of your profile is updated once a week.

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What actually helped was to unlink to Facebook. Then sign out from Facebook on all devices you have used to sign in to Facebook. Then only log in on one device again. Add the link on new between Spotify and Facebook.
Then the update will be reinforced within the 1-2 days as implied above 😉


some with my profile but im on a laptop so im not sure if that changes things



Same bug, when you update your Facebook photo it syncs with the photo on Spotify account, but not with all the places where photo is used e.g. Discover playlist. It's been like this for a mont or so.

I'm having the same problem, my profile picture hasn't changed for a year in Spotify although I've changed it on Facebook multiple times. I'll disconnect and reconnect from and to Facebook and see what happens.

Update: I don't have to option to disconnect from Facebook. Am I stuck with a year old profile photograph forever?

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