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Ps4 abroad

Ps4 abroad

So Ive had my PS4 for sometime now and about 3 weeks after using Spotify on it I got an error saying something along the lines of login failed due to being abroad more than 14 days, i hadnt left the country or even town. I tried deleting the app, logging in and out, checked my country is right, everything. I resigned myself to not having it until the recent PlayStation update showed my playlists in the sidebar but wont load them or any songs for that matter and the app still gives the same error message. Please help.

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Hey @Yzarc!


It's odd that this is happening. Just to confirm, let us know in which country you are. Also, make sure you don't have any VPN or Proxy changing your IP.


You could double-check the location of the IP to make sure it's from the same country. 


Keep us posted.

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