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Randomly skips to the artist “Zae Dae” and will skip during a playlist. Also says I’m connected to web chrome. It has gotten to the point where I can’t even listen to music. The zae dae album covers look like they were made with Microsoft Word. I’m about to go Apple Music. I’ve tried logging out, resetting phone, deleting Spotify, but nothing seems to work.

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I've searched the forum here and I've seen issues alike, including my problem. I've also commented there (link at the bottom). It looks as if some Spotify users have been experiencing those inconveniences recently. It's terrible to say the least. Main functions of the application are corrupted...


Now, to stop spamming my own comment: I'm also connected to the web player (out of nowhere) and experience the same problem, just with other playlists as it seems, whatever. Re-installing doesn't help and I'm experiencing this issue on both Windows 10 and Android devices.


The link from the other post:

I’m facing the same issue for about 2 weeks now. I will have on a playlist and out of nowhere ramdom song By Zae Day starts playing. Freaks me out every time. 


Ive also seen the chromcast option pop up and I do not own a chromcast. 


I really hope they find a fix for this issue. 

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