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[SOLVED] Empty playlists

[SOLVED] Empty playlists



This might be a stupid question but not one I can figure out. 


A while ago Spotify uninstalled itself from my computer, no idea how. I haven't been using it much recently due to the restrictions of the free account and the dire state of my bank balance (no job, no money, no choice :() At the time I was using Windows 7 and I'd had multiple problems with the HDD/FAT Table/RAM (again still not figured which) so I decided not to reinstall until I had more of an idea what was wrong. 


Roll on a few months and I'm on my parents computer. I log on to Spotify though there and my listen to a few new bits, add them to a large selection of playlists that I've ammassed over the years. 


Currently I've made the leap to Linux. I couldn't get the Linux preview installed so I tried to run it through Wine. I was able to log-in but not search for tracks, view playlists etc. 


I abandoned that and sought help to install the Linux version. Seems I was doing something stupid, anyway it's up and it's running and I'm partially happy. Except my playlists are (almost) empty. The tracks I added a few days ago are still there but the rest have vanished. I've spent a few years building those playlists, please tell me they've not disappeared? 


(As I was typing I had a brain wave that's leading me to uninstall the EXE Spotify I ran under Wine; didn't think to do it at the time... I'm not sure if it would help as the playlists are stored in my account though but it's something I'm trying in the time it takes someone to reply ;)) 


Hope you all can help. There's a few bands there I may not be able to remember the names of for a long time. Most importantly, I don't want to rebuild the playlists to find them disappear again! 

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We're having some server temper tantrums at the moment. This could be linked to your missing tracks.


If they're still not there in a few hours (check the status Twitter link in my signature for all the info) let me know and I'll dig around in your account.

Check out our Twitter for the latest updates on any service issues: @Spotifystatus

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Sure will do. Appears to be showing more than it was previously just now. Probably bad timing co-inciding with installation. 

Back to normal, my bad. Thanks! 

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