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Hi everyone,


I am sure that this has been mentioned before but if enough of us agree, then I am sure the powers that be on Spotify will take note, well at least I hope they do, otherwise they should not be in business.


First up, I would like to say that I love the service and the UI. I have signed up to the premium and it's been great. However I recently went to kill my Facebook account but failed, because if I did I would not be able to use a service I love and that I pay for.


Facebook has started to put advertising in my newsfeed on my mobile devices, I don't know if i really want to be a member anymore but I am a little handcuffed because I like using Spotify.


Please give me, and hopefully there are a few more of you out there, a solution?





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There is a solution - but it may not be easy.

Spotify have now removed the facebook requirement.

If you go to this link:

and scroll right to the bottom, you can sign up without facebook. You can then subscribe to all your existing playlists, wait for the Premium to go, then cancel the premium on the existing account and use it on the new account, and then delete facebook.

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