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Samsung smart tv

Samsung smart tv

I'm trying to login to my account on Samsung smart tv.  I'm getting a message, There seems to be an issue with your account.  Please go to spotify to create your account.  Is there a way to see how many devices I have downloaded spotify to and what is the limit on the number of devices I can use.  I also just accessed my account on my new Onkyo receiver, but didn't like the interface.  Radio stations are not available.  I can remove the Onkyo device if needed to make room for the samsung tv.



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The only limitation on devices comes from offline playlists, of which you can only store them on 3 devices similtaneously. Since neither Samsung or Onkyo have that functionality they don't count towards that limit. 


There does however appear to be ongoing issues with Samsung logins, as outlined in this topic (last few pages). 



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