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Separate Account from Facebook

Separate Account from Facebook

I have my account linked to Facebook and Im getting ready to kill my facebook account but still wnat to access my Spotify account.  How do I separate the two?




D. Bishop

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Hey! Welcome to the community 🙂 


Its not possible if your account was created using Facebook. 

If that is the case, you will need to make a new account and then copy everything over, which is a bit of a pain! 


I wrote a handy tutorial here which outlines all of the steps, alternatively if you would prefer someone at Spotify to help you out, there is a link in the guide 😉 



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Wow, that is a huge oversight.  They should really fix that.

If this isn't changed in the next 10 days I will be trying out my free Amazon Music I get with prime and, in all likelihood, not be returning.

Just so I understand, I have a premium account set up through Facebook.  If I open a new account just using email, then contact Spotify and request them to transfer all of my playlists from my facebook account to my new account set up under my email, they will do it?  (I have tons of playlists that would be a nightmare to re-create.)  Also, if they are able to do this, my other problem is that my facebook account is basically a fake name, not my real name.  I want the new one set up under my real name.  Will there be a problem w/ verification?  I would be paying w/ the same cc...which is obviously in my real name. 

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