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Signed up for Premium Family and Husband Can't Join

Signed up for Premium Family and Husband Can't Join

We just signed up for the premium family account. My husband hasn't used his account in a long time, and we keep trying to add him on. When we do, it says he is already associated with another family account (he is not).

When we try and reset his password, it keeps telling us that his account is associated with Facebook, and we need to go there. When logged onto Facebook, we can't find anything to do with his password.

We want to be able to reset his Spotify password, and add him onto our family account.

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Same here. I feel completely stupid because I can't seem to get this to work. My husband sent me an invitation, but when I follow the link to accept and I log in, I get the same message. That I'm already signed up for premium for family....I am confused. All we were looking forward to doing was both being able to listen to our different music on our own devices at the same time.

I was able to chat with a representative online. They helped solve the problem. There were some settings they had to reset in order for everything to work. That option may work for you as well.

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