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Someone is using my spotify account

Someone is using my spotify account

I noticed yesterday that my account has a playlist that I know I didn't make. When I logged in to my spotify account via computer, I found out that my spotify is connected to someone else's facebook. I disconnected it, changed my spotify email and password, logged out from all devices but I still think that person can still use my account because a new artist/album keeps poppin' on "recently played". And that person's name is still on my spotify's account name. I waited for 24 hrs and and also did the reinstallation but didn't work. Please help. 

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Hey there and welcome,


When you listen to someone elses playlist, their playlist will also show up in your playlists.
In your account (webpage) under "Offline Devices", you should be able to see if any other device is using your account. Remove the ones you don't know and they will have to re-authorise. That means that these devices can't use the account offline either.

Under "Account Overview", on the bottom, you can force all connected devices to log out from your account.

Also check out the "Apps" section to make sure you know what applications you gave access to your account.

Hope it helps.

Kind Regards

Thanks! I did what you said. But do you know why that person's name is still on my account name? My username is correct but account name is not. I also tried to connect to my facebook, typed in my email and password but again, that person's facebook is the one connected. 

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