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Where have all my songs gone (over 3,000) from my Spotify App? I am now a Premium subscriber and the other day I was putting songs in the list into different playlists and all of sudden the whole lot disappeared. Help!

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Hey @haysus, welcome to the Community!


It sounds like you might have another account where you have all your tunes saved. We suggest you follow the steps listed here to see if you can find your other account.


Let us know how it goes.

Hi Sergio,

I have contacted Spotify Chat help and spoke to Jason C who managed (after a while) to locate my 9000+ songs and restore them to my Spotify app. They were actually located on the Spotify Web player for some reason - which even Jason found 'unusual'.

But unfortunately on the Web player you cannot sort the songs list into your own individual playlists en masse, you have move each song individually and with over 9,000 songs, that's going to take a long, long time! So, I was pleased when he managed to locate all of my songs and replace them back into my Music on the Spotify app.  I then proceeded to sort them into playlists and was going along fine doing this, when again, for no apparent reason - they have 'disappeared' my playlists are intact but the whole of the songs have vanished. It seems to happen whilst i am compiling them into separate playlists. It allows me to do so for a short while, then it seems to 'have enough of that' and just disappear?? Which is very frustrating and I do not have any other accounts with Spotify only the app, the webplayer and it appears on my phone and Amazon Fire Stick.  But the only place I can effectively sort them is on the actual pc app. 

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