Spotify Is Unable To Withdraw Funds...

Spotify Is Unable To Withdraw Funds...

Hi there,

since yesterday I have been getting the message 'Spotify is unable to withdrawn funds due to a bank error' every time I log into Spotify. I checked my credit card and there have been no problems with it. I signed up for Spotify Premium ages ago when you could still do so from Ireland and have never had any problems. Any help would be very much appreciated!

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Sadly, I have some bad news for you. We are currently unable to reinstate your subscription. We're rather unhappy at the fact we're going to lose a loyal and passionate customer, but due to licensing restrictions, we cannot take anymore "new" subscriptions from people who set up their account in the Republic of Ireland. 


We do plan to be available in as many countries as possible moving forward, although we can't say when this will be.
Once again, I'm really sorry we couldn't help. Please keep checking back to the Spotify blog for updates on when we will be available in different countries.
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"We're rather unhappy at the fact we're going to lose a loyal and passionate customer."


You did this already by forcing people to Facebook.

Thanks for the reply David,


Is there any way at all that I can get around this?! (Paypal?). Really dissapointed that I can't renew especially since I've been a sub from almost the very start. Do you know when it'll stop working for me?

Crazy music industry deserves all they get. They drive people to piracy. They won't accept money from people who actually want to pay.

Why do governments help an industry that actively turns away money from people who are willing to pay for their product?

We've only just got Season 3 of Breaking Bad in the UK. Now I've devoured that, how long do I have to wait for Season 4?!

humphreym - It looks like your subscription has already tried to make a couple more payments that have been refused. Sadly, it looks like it might be finished within a day or two.
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No botherSmiley Sad I'll use Deezer for the moment. Hopefully this is only happening to clear the way for a launch in Ireland!

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