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Spotify's offer 0.99 for 3months

Spotify's offer 0.99 for 3months

Hello everyone,


i had an offer to pay 0.99 for 3 months but somehow took a big brake off. Anyway, i am back and i've been looking for it the last days, any ideas why i can't find it? Has it ended? 




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Hi Michael @SkyFallz!


Welcome to the Spotify Community! 


This offer is not available at the moment. If you haven't had Premium before, you can subscribe to out 30-day trial here.


Let us know if you have any questions.
A.J Nelson

Hello A.J. Nelson,


I started the 30days free Premium a week ago but i still have some more questions.


When i use it on the phone, it says that i don't have premium, even though i am in the same account. I can only listen to music while being offline but it has to be downloaded first. The skip button also disappeares sometimes because of non-premium account. I have about 3 more weeks so i need to fix that issue...


Hope you can help me out with this.



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